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Nagalinga / Shiva Linga / Nagamalli Flowers

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Nagalinga/ Shiva Linga Nagamalli or Mallikarjuna Flower Online


The Nagalinga/ Shiva Linga flowers also called Nagalingam in Tamil, Nagalinga Pushpa in Kannada, Nagamalli or Mallikarjuna flowers in Telugu. Nagamalli tree has been grown extensively in Shiva tabernacles across India. In Hindi, it’s also called Shiv Kamal or Kailaspati. Hindus have deified it as a sacred tree for thousands of times. Interestingly the petals of the Naga Linga flower act the hood a snake.

In English, it’s known as Cannonball tree. The tree is named because of its fruits that look like a load. The tree produces large, globular fruits. The Cannonball Tree was named botanically as Couroupita guaiane NSIS by the French botanistJ.F. Aublet in the time 1755.

The Shiva linga tree can grow up to 35 measures altitudinous. Some Shiva linga trees give numerous flowers. The full box looks covered in flowers. Astonishingly one tree can bear up to 1000 flowers per day! The flowers have a strong scent, and it increases at night or in the early morning.

The flowers of the Nagamalli tree are comparatively larger and can grow up to 6 cm in range. Those are brightly colored with the six petals. In the flowers, you can see tones of pink, red and unheroic.

In the center of the flower, there are the stamens and the arrangement of these stamens look like into a hood. still, these flowers don’t have quencher but are veritably seductive to notions coming for the pollen.

The fruit of the load tree is also fascinating. Fruit can contain about 65 seeds, but the larger fruits can have about 550 seeds. One tree can bear about 150 fruits. It takes a long time for the fruit to develop. It’ll take at least one time and in some places; it takes nearly 18 months.

The Cannonball fruit is comestible and is generally fed to cattle and beast. The Naga Linga tree has numerous medicinal benefits. The excerpts of the tree have been used to treat hypertension, excrescences, pain and inflammation.

It also heals common cold and stomach pang. It aids in skin conditions and injuries and is veritably effective against malaria and toothache. Studies by scientists have shown that the excerpts of this tree have antimicrobial capacities.

One intriguing fact about the load tree is that its fruits as relatively large, round and thick just like a load. When these fruits fall on the ground, these make similar a loud sound that people sweat that an net has burst. For safety reasons, these trees are no way planted near paths or passages as anyone could get hurt by this falling fruit. When the fruits get grew and fall on earth, they burst open with this loud crack and a smell comes off. This attracts creatures and insects to come and eat it. also they spread the seeds through their soil.

You can find these amazing trees generally around in Shiva tabernacles in India and in Buddhist tabernacles in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Like Hindus, Buddhists also consider it Holy & use them for rituals and poojas.

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