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Hand Made Gond Laddu (Premium Quality – Crunchy)

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Are you looking for a way to ensure a healthy lifestyle, healthy pregnancy and post-natal lifestyle? Then Sitara Foods Gond Laddus are the way to go!

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Are you looking for a way to ensure a healthy lifestyle, healthy pregnancy and post-natal lifestyle? Then Sitara Foods Gond Laddus are the way to go!


GOND LADDU / Dinkache / Dinkache Ladoo

Highlights & Why to Buy from SITARA

  • Made with Bilona Ghee
  • Premium Quality Ingredients used
  • Made using Unrefined Cane Sugar
  • Locally Sources Ingredients Farmer Friendly
  • Home Made & Hand Made by Rural Household Women – Women Empowerment

Are you looking for a way to ensure a healthy lifestyle, healthy pregnancy and post-natal lifestyle? Then Sitara Foods Gond Laddus are the way to go!

Gond is edible gum which is obtained from Acacia plants and by drying the sap of a number of plants that produce gum, or gond. Gond Laddu is a type of Indian sweet made with a mixture of edible gum or gond, ghee, Unrefined Cane Sugar and dry fruits. It is also known by a number of other names such as Dinkache in Marathi and Dinkache Laddu in Gujarati. In Hindi, it is referred to as Gond ke laddu.

This water soluble edible gum has a long list of benefits. What are they?

  1. Its heaty nature helps keep your body warm and helps in avoiding illnesses such as the common cold and flu.
  2. It is especially beneficial for pregnant women as it contributes towards joints and bone strengthening, and prevents post-delivery back pain.
  3. Lactating mothers also benefit from eating gond laddus as it has proven to increase the amount of breast milk produced by them and the nutrients in these laddus help in building their strength and nourishing their bodies.

Additionally, gond laddus are good for those suffering with Arthritis because of the lubricating feature of the edible gum. Extra fibre in the gond laddu helps with constipation and increase of stamina.


Any additional benefits of ingredients used along with Gond in the preparation of Gond Laddus? Of course!


Unrefined Cane Sugar is known for its detoxifying quality and its ability to assist in building stronger immunity. Sitara Foods’ Pure Handmade Unrefined Cane Sugar is the best option as it acts as a natural sweetener preventing the use of sugar which is preferred by almost all health conscious people. Unrefined Cane Sugar has lesser number of calories as compared to refined sugar and also prevents water retention thereby facilitating weight loss.


Dry Fruits can be consumed by all as it is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. For pregnant women dry fruits are even more useful as they help with digestion and constipation. Magnesium and Potassium present in them controls blood pressure and contributes towards the development of the bones and nerves of the foetus.


Ghee helps in easing labour pains and makes delivering a baby much easier for a woman. And what could be better than Sitara Foods Pure Homemade Buffalo Ghee or Homemade Cow Ghee?


What are you waiting for? Buy our Gond Laddu online now and enjoy the taste of homemade, additive-free, preservative free sweets! You might also like Bellam Sunnundalu , Bellam Dry Fruit Pootharekulu and other delicious sweets we have, You can order online with a click of a button with free delivery to your doorstep.



  • Gond / Edible Gum
  • Ghee
  • Unrefined Cane Sugar
  • Dry Fruits
  • Wheat Flour
  • Cardamom


Shelf Life

30 Days


Shipping :

  • Free Shipping through out India, It takes 2 to 7 business days based om location in India.
  • We ship to any part of the world using DHL and it might take 3 to 9 business days based on location.

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208 reviews for Hand Made Gond Laddu (Premium Quality – Crunchy)

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