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Eetha Pallu / Indian Palm Dates

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Eetha Pallu / Eetha Kayalu / Indian Palm Dates


Eetha Kayalu, famously known as the the Indian cousins of the middle east Dates. These are the trees of palm family with fruits which have a unique sweet creamy taste are a must try. These fruits tend to be the source of sugar and energy for local dwellers during the harsh summers, when body energy is drained by the heat of sun. The English  name of the fruits is Phoenix Sylvestris also called as Wild Date Palm, Silver Date Palm and Botanical Name Phoenix sylvestris. In Hindi its called as Khajuri.


You can buy Eetha Kayalu  / Phoenix Sylvestris online from Sitara Foods & Pickles by searing at our Exotic and rare fruits of India category. Most of our exotic fruits are seasonal and has to be ordered atleast a moth ahead of the season for us to deliver fresh fruit at your doorstep.


Coming back to Eetha Kayalu / Phoenix Sylvestris, We all can remember the days of seeing this fruit sold at our school gates and on bamboo containers. I remember, the an Eetha Kayalu seller offering fruits for any plastic or metal and I used to gather all the metal and plastic at home and near by to get good amount of these fruits.  I also remember going to swimming in a well near by in hot summer and on the way, we used to have a tall Phoenix Sylvestris tree, which we used throw all stones near by at it, to get some fruit on our tongues.

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