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Bikki Kayalu / Bikki Pallu

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Bikki Kayalu / Bikki Pallu


Bikki Pandlu or Kayalu is fruit of the wilderness in south India, especially in seshachalam forest zones covering Kadapa, Nellore & Chittoor districts of Andhra Pradesh. Bikki Pandlu or Bikki Kayalu belong to family of Gardenia latifolia and called by several names like Adavi Bikke or Adavi Bikki , Damru  Pedda bikki, Pedda Karingura, Gaiger, Ceylon Boxwood, Papra, Paphar, Ban-pindalu, Damkurudu, Dimaru,  Danbasu, Kurlu. You can buy Bikki kayalu online from Sitara foods and can be delivered fresh to your door step. It’s one of the rare available exotic fruits of India.

The gum resin of bikki fruit plant has great medicinal value and is used for medicinal purpose, externally as well as internally. The resin powder of Bikki plant is mixed with honey is used to massage the gums in teething troubles. It is also acts as an effective painkiller, antiseptic and a wound healer

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